NETHER PROVIDENCE — Over 100 third-grade students from Wallingford Elementary School visited the Delaware County Veterans Memorial in Newtown Square for a special patriotic educational field trip last week. During the trip, the students were educated on the various elements of the Memorial and taught about the sacrifices that men and women have made to protect the freedoms that they have as Americans.

Each student made a stone rubbing of the Killed in Action Wall, and had the opportunity to speak with local veterans about the memorial, and hear the veterans’ service stories. The students also received a copy of the Constitution and Stars and Stripes to take home.

Elementary school teachers Melissa Haebel and Dan Fantozzi tried to make the children aware that veterans are everywhere in their own community, from relatives and crossing guards to teachers and business owners. This awareness allows children to understand more deeply how important it is to recognize and pay tribute to veterans.

The third-grade teachers of Wallingford Elementary were honored with the Freedom Medal for Dedication to Education at last year’s annual Freedom Medal Dinner held by the memorial, and continue to educate students year-round about the importance of honoring and remembering those who have risked their lives for our freedom.

The memorial is located at 4599 West Chester Pike, Newtown Square. It is open to the public daily with free admission. Groups and field trips are welcomed year-round. For more information, visit